Traditional, home-cooked meals are hard to find, especially when the restaurant is primarily take out. This is where Kuhar's Carry-Out & Catering, 8030 Broadmoor Rd. in Mentor, hits a home run.

Originally located in Euclid, Kuhar's has been serving European cuisine for more than 30 years, and there's a reason why. Despite their move to Mentor and the launch of a second location in Richmond Heights, Kuhar's continues to bring consistent, quality ethnic dishes such as schnitzel, chicken paprikash, stuffed cabbage and Hungarian goulash to the take-out scene. If you're looking to get a solid meal reminiscent of the old country, Kuhar's is the place to be.

To confess, I've been a regular customer of Kuhar's for more than 20 years. Upon my recent visit to the Mentor location, I am again reminded of how solid of a restaurant it really is.

I called in this order which was promptly taken. As I stepped out of the car, the smell that wafted out from the restaurant reminded of grandma's kitchen. Inside, Croatian music played just loud enough to remind customers of the owners' heritage. Once again, I was greeted, served promptly, and my order was completed in the time indicated on the phone. You can view the preparation area in the back which is very clean and organized.

The weiner schnitzel dinner (pictured), is available on Wednesdays for $10.25. For a full list of specials, click here. The dinner includes two large pieces of perfectly-fried schnitzel, choice of potatoes, vegetable, salad and bread. For the price, the portion size is definitely worth it. 

The schnitzel is crispy and flavorful. You can tell Kuhar's doesn't use old oil, and the temperature of the oil is ideal because the schnitzel is not greasy at all. The homefries are fantastic and my favorite choice of potatoes there. They're cooked in oil and come with a hint of onion.  The salad and vegetables are your standard- nothing spectacular, but they do the job. The slice of bread is soft and a great complement to the rest of the meal. 

Overall, Kuhar's provides consistency and quality to an otherwise bland variety of choices to the take-out scene in the area. If you're looking for a home-cooked meal without the sit-down experience, this restaurant is the place to go. 


Kitchen/preparation area was open for viewing and was very clean.

Phone call was answered promptly. Order was complete in 15 minutes.

Schnitzel was crispy, not greasy. Homefries were cooked to perfection.

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